Terms of Use


This is version 1.2 of the Winhalla General Terms & Bonus Terms, last updated on 20th August 2021


    1. The following definitions are used in these terms and conditions:

      "Bonus Terms" means the terms and conditions and/or rules with regard to promotions, bonuses and special offers which may apply to any part of the Services from time to time; Bonus Terms are set out in the section BONUS TERMS of this document, and for Your convenience, You can find them also via the link here Bonus Terms .

      "Your Contact Details" are as defined in Paragraph 4.

      "Download Terms" means any additional end user terms and conditions of use which You are required to confirm Your agreement to as part of the download and/or installation of any software which You may download in order to be able to use the Website.

      "General Terms" means the terms and conditions set out in the section GENERAL TERMS of this document.

      "Group" means in relation to any party, a company which is from time to time a subsidiary or the ultimate holding company of that party or another direct or indirect subsidiary of any such ultimate holding company.

      "Privacy Policy" means the Winhalla privacy policy accessed via the Privacy Policy link.

      "Rules" means the Betting Rules and the Game Rules specifically applicable to the relevant type of betting and/or gaming.

      "Services" means, as appropriate, the services offered for the time being by Winhalla through the Website and/or via any mobile or tablet application.

      "Terms of Use" means (a) these General Terms, (b) the Privacy Policy and (c) where appropriate under Clause 1.3, the relevant Rules, Bonus Terms and Additional Terms applicable to the Services that are being used by You and any Download Terms.

      "Website" means the website https://winhalla.com/ or any page or section thereof for the time being.

      "Winhalla" means Winzon Group LTD, (Reg. Nr. C89900) of Floor 5, 115A, Business Box, Valley Road, Birkirkara, Malta.

    2. By using and/or visiting any section of the Website, or by opening an account with Winhalla through the Website, You agree to be bound by the Terms of Use and accordingly: (a) agree to the use of electronic communications in order to enter into contracts; and (b) waive any applicable rights or requirements which require a signature by hand, to the extent permitted by any applicable law. The Terms of Use do not affect Your statutory rights.
    3. In addition, where You play any game or place a bet using the Services, or otherwise use the Services, You agree to be bound by:
      1. any Rules;
      2. any Bonus Terms;
      3. any Download Terms; and
      4. any other terms, including Additional Terms, applicable to the Services and/or which You are required to confirm Your agreement to as part of the Services
    4. The Website, the odds and prices contained in it, and the Terms of Use may be translated into a number of languages. Nevertheless, the original text of the Website and Terms of Use is in English and any interpretation of them will be based on the original English text.
    5. In the event that there is any specific conflict or inconsistency between any of the individual parts of the Terms of Use making up Your contract with Winhalla, the order of precedence shall be as follows:
      1. the Bonus Terms;
      2. the Betting Rules;
      3. the Game Rules;
      4. the Additional Terms;
      5. the General Terms;
      6. the Privacy Policy; and
      7. the Download Terms.
    6. Please read the Terms of Use carefully before accepting them. Once You have accepted the Terms of Use, please print the Terms of Use and store them, along with all confirmation emails, additional terms, transaction data, game rules, fair deal rules and payment methods relevant to Your use of the Website. Please note that the Terms of Use are subject to change, as set out in Paragraph 3 below.
    7. If You do not agree to accept and be bound by the Terms of Use please do not open an account, and/or continue to use Your Account. Your continued use of any of the Services will constitute acceptance of the Terms of Use which we have notified You are in force from time to time.
    8. The Terms of Use govern Your contract with Winhalla and are effective as of the date first written above (as amended and as may be amended, restated, supplemented, or otherwise modified from time to time). For the avoidance of doubt, each and all sections of the Website are governed by the Terms of Use, and You should ensure at all times that Your use of the Services is in accordance with the Terms of Use.

    1. The Terms of Use shall be agreed between You and Winzon Group LTD, (Reg. Nr. C89900) of Floor 5, 115A, Business Box, Valley Road, Birkirkara, Malta. Website's gaming activity is regulated under the License Nr. MGA/B2C/717/2019 issued by the Malta Gaming Authority on the 24th of September 2020.
    2. References in the Terms of Use to "us", "our", "we" or “Company” are references to:
      1. Winhalla; or
      2. in the case of terms and conditions relating to monies held in Your Account from time to time, to any Winhalla company which holds such money as trustee and shall (where appropriate) be deemed to include our agents, partners, and suppliers.
    3. These General Terms are not intended to create any partnership, agency or joint venture between Winhalla and “You”, “Client”, “Subscriber”, “Account Holder”, “Player” or “User”.

    1. We may need to change the Terms of Use from time to time for a number of reasons, including (without limitation) for commercial reasons, to comply with law or regulations, to comply with instructions, guidance or recommendations from a regulatory body, or for customer service reasons. The most up-to-date Terms of Use can be accessed from the terms and conditions links in the footer section of the Website, and the date on which each of them comes into force is noted in respective terms and conditions.
    2. Where we make material changes to the Terms of Use, we will give You as much prior notice of such changes as is reasonably practicable via one of the methods set out in Clause 3.3. For minor or immaterial changes, we may not give You any notice of such changes, so You are advised to review the Terms of Use through the terms and conditions links on the Website on a regular basis.
    3. Where we make changes to the Terms of Use which we wish or are obliged to notify You of, we will do so by such method of notification as we may, in our discretion, deem to be appropriate, which may comprise:
      1. email (to the email address You have previously supplied us with);
      2. a message to Your Inbox on the Website; or
      3. notice on the Website.
    4. You will be required to expressly accept any material changes to the Terms of Use before they take effect, and before You are allowed to continue making use of the Services. Provided further that a change is material if it in any way alters the rights and, or obligations of the Player, the powers of Winhalla, and the liability of the same, the Player’s chance of winning the game, or if it affects the structure of the game, or if it relates to the termination or discontinuation of a progressive jackpot in the game, and, or on the Website, as applicable, on which the Player was wagering funds, or if it relates to the Player’s personal data in any manner.
    5. You will not be allowed to play unless You accept changes to the Terms of Use we have notified You of, but You will be allowed to withdraw Your balance according to the Terms of Use You originally agreed to.
    6. We will be entitled to consider that You have accepted changes to the Terms of Use if You have clicked on "yes" or "I accept", checked a 'tick box' or we have received any other similar method of confirmation by You. If You provide us with any such confirmation or continue to use the Website or after notification under this Paragraph 3, You shall, from such time, be deemed to have accepted, and be bound by, the new Terms of Use, including (for the avoidance of doubt) any additions, removals, substitutions or other changes to the identities of Winhalla, whether or not You have read the revised Terms of Use. If any change is unacceptable to You, You may either cease using the Services and/or close Your Account by complying with Paragraph 13 of these General Terms.

    1. In order to place a bet or play a game using the Services, You will need to open an account with Winhalla ("Your Account" or "Account").
    2. In order to open Your Account for use the Services, You can:
      1. contact Customer Services;
      2. click on Join now on the Website and follow the on-screen instructions;
      3. open by such other Account opening method as shall, from time to time be offered by Winhalla.
    3. Your Account will either be operated by Winhalla or by another company in its Group for and on behalf of itself and/or the relevant Winhalla company with whom You have contracted.
    4. When You open Your Account, You will be asked to provide us with personal information, including Your name and surname, date of birth and appropriate contact details, including telephone number and e-mail address. Upon making Your first deposit in order to participate in the Services (as prescribed in Clause 7.1), You will be requested to complete Your registration data, including a full permanent residential address (name and surname, telephone number, e-mail address and Your full permanent residential address separately and/or jointly "Your Contact Details"). You must maintain Your Account and keep Your Contact Details up to date; You can update You Contact Details by contacting Customer Services or through the My Account management page on the Website or by such other method as shall, from time to time, be offered by Winhalla.
    5. If You do not wish Your Contact Details to be used by us and our business partners to contact You to inform You with marketing information relating to others of our goods, products, or services or those of our business partners, please indicate that this is the case by ticking the relevant box as instructed when You open an account on the Website or by informing Customer Services
    6. In opening Your Account, You warrant that:
      1. You understand and accept the risk that, by using the Services, You may, as well as winning money, lose money;
      2. You are (a) over 18 years of age and (b) above the age at which gambling, or gaming activities are legal under the law or jurisdiction that applies to You ("Relevant Age");
      3. gambling is not illegal in the territory where You reside;
      4. You are legally able to enter into contracts;
      5. You have not been excluded from gambling; and
      6. You have not already had an Account closed by us at any of the websites operated by us and/or our Group or at Your request under Paragraph 33 (Responsible Gaming/Gambling). If You have managed to open the Account at any of the websites operated by us and/or our Group notwithstanding the prohibition set out in this Clause, (a) all bonuses, free bets and winnings accrued from such bonuses and free bets obtained using that Duplicate Account will be void and forfeited by You, and (b) we may, at our entire discretion, void all winnings and refund all deposits (less amounts in respect of void winnings) made in respect of such Account.
    7. Your Account must be registered in Your own, correct, name and personal details and it shall only be issued once for You and not duplicated through any other person, family, household, address (postal and/or IP and/or device ID and/or SIM card identifier), email address, or any environment where computers (or other access devices) are shared (e.g., schools, workplaces, public libraries etc), computer (or other access device), and/or account in respect of the Services. Any other accounts which You open with us, or which are beneficially owned by You in relation to the Services shall be "Duplicate Accounts". We may close any Duplicate Account (but shall not be obliged to do so). If we close a Duplicate Account:
      1. all bonuses, free bets and winnings accrued from such bonuses and free bets obtained using that Duplicate Account will be void and forfeited by You;
      2. we may, at our entire discretion, void all winnings and refund all deposits (less amounts in respect of void winnings) made in respect of that Duplicate Account and, to the extent not recovered by us from the relevant Duplicate Account, any amounts to be refunded to us by You in respect of a Duplicate Account may be recovered by us directly from any other of Your Accounts (including any other Duplicate Account); or
      3. we may, at our entire discretion, allow usage of the Duplicate Account to be deemed valid in which case all losses and stakes placed by or for You through the Duplicate Account shall be retained by us.
    8. Besides the avatars provided by us, You can also upload your own avatar image. You can use any image for your avatar as long as it's not an image someone else owns the copyright to, or an image that is obscene, indecent, abusive and or offensive. Avatar images that violate Winhalla terms will be removed without warning and Your Account might be blocked.
    9. We reserve the right to refuse certain Player registrations or close a Player account at our sole discretion, however any contractual obligations already made will be honoured.
    10. It shall not be permitted for any Players to sell, transfer and/or acquire accounts to/from other Players as well as transfer funds from one member’s account to another.
    11. If You wish to open another Account, You may do so by contacting our Customer Services. Please note that we do not allow the old Account and new Account to be opened and accessible by You simultaneously. If a new Account is opened, the old Account will be closed, in which case any balance on the old Account on the date of such closure will be refunded to You as soon as it is practicable for us to do so. Please note that You will be required to perform a new Account opening procedure under this Paragraph 4, and we may request to perform Your verification checks as set out in Paragraph 5 below.

    1. You warrant that:
      1. Your details (Your Contact Details, date of birth and any other details requested by us and provided by you under the Terms of Use) You supply when opening and using Your Account are correct; and.
      2. You are the rightful owner of the money which You at any time deposit in Your Account and the money deposited is not derived from any activity which is illegal.
    2. By agreeing to the Terms of Use You authorise us to undertake any verification checks from time to time as we may require ourselves or may be required by third parties (including, but not limited to, regulatory bodies) to confirm these facts ("Checks"). You agree that from time to time, upon our request, You may be required to provide additional details in respect of any of such information You have provided us, including in relation to any deposits which You have made into Your Account.
    3. Whilst we are undertaking any Checks from time to time, we may restrict You from withdrawing funds from Your Account and/or prevent access to all or certain parts of the Website. Please note that we may from time to time re-perform the Checks for regulatory, security or other business reasons. If any such restrictions cause You a problem, please contact Customer Services.
    4. In certain circumstances we may have to contact You and ask You to provide further information to us directly in order to complete the Checks. For this purpose, we will be entitled, at our sole discretion, to require that You provide us with a copy of your ID document , proof of address, utility bills, bank details, bank statements, bank references and other Know Your Client (“KYC”) documents and information (notarised or certified copies may be requested if deemed necessary).
      Until such information has been supplied to our satisfaction, we may prevent any activity to be undertaken by You in relation to the Account or we may, where we reasonably believe that deliberately incorrect information has been provided by You, keep any amount deposited on the Account following the closure of the Account by us.
      Moreover, if following the lapse of 30 days from when the KYC documents and information have been requested You have not made the requested KYC documentation and/or information available, we may terminate the relationship (close Your Account) or keep it blocked and suspended in its entirety. In the latter case, we will ensure that Your Account has a NIL balance at the time it is blocked and suspended, with any funds standing to the credit of any such account being disposed off according to the Terms of Use.
    5. Winhalla will request for a Player to be verified if deposits amount to 2000 EUR or above, over a rolling period of 180 days. The Player’s identity, age and place of residence need to be verified. In the event of further clarifications required Winhalla reserves the right to request for further documentation or authentication. Regardless of the deposit volume Winhalla reserves the right to request Player to be verified and undergo KYC procedure upon each withdrawal request to fulfil Winhalla’s KYC requirements, anti-fraud measures and comply with international anti-money laundering (“AML”) regulations.
    6. It may be an offence for persons under the Relevant Age to make use of the Website. If we are unable to confirm that You are the Relevant Age, then we may suspend Your Account until such time that we are able to confirm that You are the Relevant Age. If You are subsequently proven to have been under the Relevant Age at the time You made any gambling or gaming transactions with us, then:
      1. Your Account will be closed;
      2. all transactions made whilst You were underage, will be made void, and all related funds deposited by You will be returned by the payment method used for the deposit of such funds, wherever practicable;
      3. any deposits made whilst You were under the Relevant Age will be returned to You; and
      4. any winnings which You have accrued during such time when You were under the Relevant Age will be forfeited by You (and may be deducted from the amount of any deposit returned under Clause 5.6.3 and You will return to us on demand any such funds which have been withdrawn from Your Account.
    7. We comply with Maltese and European laws, regulations and guidelines for the prevention of money laundering and terrorism financing. All transactions made by Players on our Website are checked to prevent money laundering, terrorist financing and other illegal activity.
    8. It is unlawful for a Player to deposit any sort of funds from ill-gotten means. We carry out monitoring procedures in regard to transactions in order to prevent money laundering. Whenever a transaction is deemed to be suspicious, we reserve the right to report it to the relevant authorities. Furthermore, in the event of any suspicious transactions/activities, we may suspend, block, or close the account(s) of the relevant Player(s) and withhold funds as may be required by law and/or by the competent authorities.

    1. After opening Your Account, You must take all reasonable steps to avoid disclosing (whether deliberately or accidentally) Your username, password and/or Account number to anyone else, including ensuring that up-to-date security software is downloaded onto Your computer (or other access devices).
    2. All transactions made where Your username and password and/or Account number have been entered correctly will be regarded as valid, whether or not authorised by You, and we shall not be liable for any claims in the event that You disclose Your username, password or Account number to anyone else (whether deliberately or accidentally).
    3. If You have lost or forgotten Your Account details or have reason to believe that such details are known to an unauthorised third party, please contact us immediately for a replacement through Customer Services, details of which can be found in the Help section of the Website.
    4. You are advised to choose a strong and non-predictable password for your security.

    1. If You wish to participate in the Services, You must deposit monies into Your Account from an account or source of which You are the account holder. Deposits are immediately credited to Your gaming Account. Such monies may (subject to Paragraph 5) then be used by You to place bets or play games. Further details of how to deposit, withdraw and transfer funds can be found in the Deposit page of the Help section of the Website. If You use a payment method in respect of which You are not the account holder, we reserve the right to treat any deposit into the Account as being invalid (and any winnings arising from such deposit as void) pending the satisfactory completion of all relevant Checks.
      1. All real money deposits must be wagered 1 time before a withdrawal can be made. E.g., if You deposit 25 EUR You must make 25 EUR worth of wagers before a withdrawal can be requested.
        Winhalla reserves the right to charge a 10% fee in case the Player requests a withdrawal without the Account turnover that is equal or more than the amount of funds deposited.
        Additionally, regarding any withdrawal of the funds from the Player’s account, Winhalla reserves the right to charge a fee to the Player, which represents the costs Winhalla incurs in processing that payment to the Player (or a reasonable estimate of those costs). Such processing fee (if imposed) will be notified to the Player before withdrawing the Player's funds.
      2. Upon requesting a withdrawal all active bonuses and any winnings accrued from bonus funds or promotions will be removed from Your Account.
    2. You further agree not to make any chargebacks, reversals or otherwise cancel any deposits into Your Account, and in any such event to refund and compensate us for such unpaid deposits including any expenses incurred by us in the process of collecting Your deposit. For the avoidance of doubt, Your Account shall not be used by You as a bank account and, should we become aware of deposits into and withdrawals from Your Account without commensurate betting or gaming activity, we reserve the right to deduct an administration charge (whether or not we close or suspend the Account).
    3. Your Account is not a bank account and is therefore not insured, guaranteed, sponsored, or otherwise protected by any deposit or banking insurance system or by any other similar insurance system. Any monies deposited with us in Your Account shall not attract any interest. Monies deposited with us are held under a normal bank account and/or escrow account in the name of Winhalla or another Winhalla company, which holds the monies in the account on trust for You and other persons entitled. As such, in the event of our insolvency, You would be entitled to claim any monies held on trust for You in such an account, but You would have no protection under any statutory deposit guarantee scheme.
    4. We may at any time set off any positive balance on Your Account against any amount owed by You (including under a Duplicate Account) to any other company within the Winhalla (irrespective of whether there has been a breach of the Terms of Use), including (without limitation) where we re-settle any bets or wagers pursuant to Clause 4.7 (Duplicate Accounts), Paragraph 12 (Collusion, Cheating, Fraud and Criminal Activity) or Paragraph 19 (Errors or Omissions).
    5. To the extent required by Your local law or tax or other authorities You are responsible for reporting Your winnings and losses arising from the Services.
    6. You can set a deposit limit on Your Account in any one day. This limit cannot be increased without giving us 24 hours' notice of Your wish to increase Your deposit limit and only when 24 hours have elapsed from Your request for such an increase will the increase apply. For details of how to set up a deposit limit please contact Customer Services, or (where Your Account is for the Website) set up the limit through the Website by clicking on My Account, then Update Account Details. Any confirmed reductions to your deposit limit will be of immediate effect.
      Nevertheless, we reserve the right to set any maximum amount of funds that can be deposited per timeframe or transaction on Your Account.
    7. Subject to Paragraph 13 (Closure of Your Account; Termination of the Terms of Use), You may request withdrawal of funds from Your Account at any time provided that:
      1. all payments made into Your Account have been confirmed as cleared and none have been charged-back, reversed or otherwise cancelled;
      2. any Checks referred to in Paragraph 5 above have been completed by us to our satisfaction; and
      3. You have complied with any other relevant withdrawal conditions affecting Your Account (e.g., any applicable Bonus Terms).
      4. The minimum withdrawal amount is 25 EUR or the currency equivalent.
    8. On any withdrawal approved by us, provided that You give us sufficient information as to how the funds should be transferred to You, we will return the relevant funds to You in accordance with Clause 7.7 (less charges incurred, or any other amount required to be deducted from Your withdrawal in order to comply with any applicable law).
    9. We will attempt to accommodate Your request regarding the payment method and/or currency of payment of Your withdrawal. This, however, cannot be guaranteed. Therefore, we may process and pay withdrawals in a different payment method and/or currency than the one requested by You. Whenever possible, the withdrawal will be remitted to the same account from where the deposit originated (any charges associated with relevant payment methods are set out in the Withdrawal tab of the Website). Similarly, in certain cases, the currency of Your withdrawal may not be the currency in which Your deposit was made or that was otherwise requested by You.
    10. For any transaction, which requires a currency exchange, the applicable exchange rate will depend respectively, depending on the transaction type, either on Your bank/ payment processor or our payment processing system.
    11. We will hold monies in the deposit account and/or escrow account referred to in Clause 7.3 as trustee for You and not as Your banker or debtor. Therefore, notwithstanding any other provision in the Terms of Use, we will deal with Your money as a trustee, and no such provision shall create or give rise to any obligation on the part of Winhalla (or any other Winhalla company) to repay money to You as Your debtor.
    12. Inactive Account Fee. If Your Account is not used (no wager has been recorded in Your Account) during the period of 12 months, Your Account will be deemed as inactive. Once Your Account becomes inactive, we may charge You a monthly maintenance fee of 5% of the Account balance, subject to a minimum of EUR 5 per month ("Inactive Account Fee"), and deduct the Inactive Account Fee from your Account balance.
      The fee will be charged as long as the inactive Account has a positive balance or until such an Account will be reactivated. Following 12 months of uninterrupted inactivity, we will send a reminder mail to You via the e-mail address saved in Your Account details. After sending this reminder mail by us, You will have 30 days to perform wagering in Your Account. If no wagering is registered within this 30-days period, the Inactive Account Fee will be deducted from the balance. If the balance is less than 5 EUR, then the whole amount will be deducted.
      The Inactive Account Fee is subject to change from time to time. If You have been inactive and are hence not in a position to accept any material change to the Terms of Use, the processing of any inactivity fees charged to the account shall be in accordance with the Terms of Use to which You last agreed to.
      After a period of 5 years the inactive Account will be classified as dormant. Any Player funds appropriated by Winhalla in terms of this Clause shall be used to fund responsible gaming endeavors, whether of Winhalla itself or of third parties. After failing to remit the funds to You, we will send a final notice to You informing that the funds will be appropriated by us if You do not provide a means for the funds to be remitted to You. Such notice will be sent to You through every means of communication available to us, including by post. We will prescribe the remaining funds in our favor after the lapse of 5 years from the date of final notice has been sent to You.
      Inactive Account Fee will not be charged to an account which is deemed to be inactive following a self-exclusion requested by You throughout the period of self-exclusion, provided that after the period of self-exclusion lapses, Inactive Account Fee will be charged if You remain inactive after the lapse of the self-exclusion for the period of 3 months. We reserve the right, in our sole discretion, to close Your Account if Your self-exclusion period is greater than 6 months; in such case, if this does not infringe on applicable AML legislation, we will refund the remaining balance to You.
      You may request reimbursement of Inactive Account Fees when You could not access Your Account due to health-related impediments, provided that in any such case, the onus shall be on You to provide adequate proof of such justification, in the absence of which we are not obliged to reimburse charged Inactive Account Fees.
    13. Maximum Winnings.
      1. Player winnings are subject to maximum limits (i.e., maximum win cap) for each consecutive 7 calendar days, irrespective of the number of bets, the total stakes invested, or however placed. These maximums apply even if the level of potential winnings exceeds these amounts;
      2. Our maximum winnings for each Player in any consecutive 7 calendar days is 10,000 EUR or the currency equivalent (for the sake of clarity, in case the Player has won more than the maximum winning amount and/or within the period stated herein, the residual amount will be cancelled);
      3. It is the Player’s responsibility to follow up his/her number of bets, the total stakes invested or however placed, and maximum winnings he/she can gain within the period stated herein;
      4. The foregoing does not apply to winnings of progressive jackpots.
    14. Maximum Withdrawals. Unless specifically authorized by us in writing, Player may withdraw 10,000 EUR from his/her Account in every 30 calendar days period. All other winnings will be paid in monthly instalments of 10,000 EUR every 30 calendar days.
    15. Winhalla shall not accept cash from a Player and the payment methods currently available include:
      a) credit cards;
      b) debit cards;
      c) electronic transfer;
      d) wire transfer;
      e) e-wallets.
      We reserve the right to change the accepted methods of payment at our sole discretion. We further reserve the right to accept certain methods of payment only subject to the fulfilment of certain conditions. We do not warrant that all methods of payment are available at all times. To verify which payment and withdrawal methods that are currently available, and the time lapse these takes to process kindly visit our Banking page/tab on the Website.
    16. If the Player uses payment through a virtual wallet, the e-mail address must be the same as the address sent to Winhalla during registration.
    17. Withdrawals are effected within 3-5 business days, if practicable, after receipt of the request, if the Player successfully passed verification and KYC procedures if such are requested by Payments department in line with these General Terms and subject to complying with AML regulations. In case, if there is a large winning (5000 EUR or more) or jackpot winning, it may take longer to process the withdrawal request in order to verify the winning (with a third party where relevant) and to complete all required Checks.
    18. Subject to our discretion, a KYC procedure is carried on each withdrawal or whenever necessary.
    19. It is also important to note that there might be cases when a bank does not support withdrawals to VISA or Mastercard or when particular payment method does not support pay-outs. Any money We cannot deposit to Your payment method will be paid by an alternative method of Your choice. In such cases, please request your withdrawal by contacting the Payments department or Customer Services and provide them with the details necessary to process the withdrawal. For more information regarding withdrawal or deposit processing time and fees, please refer to the table on Banking page/tab on the Website.
    20. Money for which a withdrawal request has been made, shall not be wagered in so far as the request has not yet been fulfilled. Furthermore, money for which a withdrawal request has been made, and which has not yet been paid out due to any withdrawal restriction imposed on the Player by us, shall be paid out to the Player automatically and shall not require further withdrawal requests.
      For the avoidance of doubt, fees and any other charges deducted from the Account shall not be considered to amount to Players’ funds once these have been deducted (e.g., such fees and charges are no longer part of the Player’s funds).
    21. If the Account has been dormant, closed, blocked, or excluded for any reason and for any period of time You may contact our Customer Services to recover any pending funds that You might still have in the Account. Our Customer Services will immediately launch an investigation into the claim, and You will be contacted back with information of how the funds will be transferred back to You. If there is a dispute over the Account or the funds held within it, we will contact the competent authority for an opinion on the best way forward.
    22. We reserve the right to delay and/or stop the processing of a withdrawal until final approval has been received for any outstanding deposit transaction or in the event that Your original deposited funds are not received within 24 hours. If the original funds are not received within 24 hours all winnings will be cancelled.
    1. Access to or use of the Website or any of the Services via the Website may not be legal for some or all residents of or persons in certain countries. We do not intend that the Website should be used for betting, gaming, or any other purposes by persons in countries in which such activities are illegal. The fact that the Website is accessible in any such country or appears in the official language of any such country shall not be construed as a representation or warranty with respect to the legality or otherwise of the access to and use of the Website, and the making of deposits or receipt of any winnings from Your Account. The availability of the Website does not constitute an offer, solicitation, or invitation by us for the use of or subscription to betting, gaming or other services in any jurisdiction in which such activities are prohibited by law.
    2. There are several bases for the restriction of providing Services via the Website to You as a Player, the most common are:
      1. Restrictions imposed by the respective country You are holding citizenship, or You are located (living or having a permanent or temporary residence) that either (a) prohibits its citizens from participating in online gambling or (b) prohibits to access to the online gambling services from its territory or (c) requires a specialized or local license to allow online gambling operations in Your country;
      2. Restrictions imposed by banks, payment service providers, and payment networks (like VISA and MasterCard), please note that even for supported countries we are not able to guarantee successful credit card payment processing in all cases, since banks and payment service providers issuing credit cards may block or reject such transactions at their discretion;
      3. Certain games may be unavailable in certain countries, as required by policies of game providers which may change from time to time;
      4. Our policies indicate that we do not offer our Services to the persons from non-reputable jurisdictions in respect of which there is an international call for counter-measures;
      5. Nevertheless, the above restrictions, we may at our own discretion to not offer our Services to the persons from one or several countries, which we may change time after time.
    3. When attempting to access the Website and/or to open an Account and/or to use the Services from any other jurisdiction it is Your responsibility to verify whether it is legal in that particular jurisdiction and/or is not restricted by the Terms of Use. You are responsible for ensuring that You comply with any laws applicable to the online gambling in the country in which You are a resident of, or You are located in. You must not access the Website and/or open the Account and/or use the Services from a jurisdiction that is prohibited or restricted according to the principles outlined in Clause 8.2. Please contact us to find out the details if You are unaware if You fall under any such restrictions outlined in Clause 8.2.
    4. If it becomes apparent to us that You are resident in a country in which the use of the Website is not legal, we shall be entitled immediately to close Your Account, in which case any balance on the Account on the date of such closure will be refunded to You as soon as it is practicable for us to do so.
    5. The Players understand and accept that Winhalla is unable to provide them with any legal advice or assurances and that it is their sole responsibility to ensure that at all times they comply with the laws that govern them and that they have the complete legal right to play the Games. Any participation in the Games is at their sole option, discretion and risk. By playing the Games, they acknowledge that they do not find the Games or Services to be offensive, objectionable, unfair, or indecent in any way.
    6. Due to legal regulations Winhalla games are not available to Players from the following jurisdictions Belgium, Bulgaria, Denmark, France, Hungary, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Portugal, Slovakia, South Africa, Spain, United Kingdom. Due to diversity of software providers represented at Winhalla, some of the game directories might not be available to additional countries.
    1. In order to place a bet or access a Service You should follow the instructions provided at the Help tab.
    2. It is Your responsibility to ensure that the details of any bet, stake or similar transaction that You place using the Services (" Transaction ") are correct, i.e., when using the Website (either directly, through an application or otherwise) in accordance with the relevant Betting Rules or Game Rules, as appropriate.
    3. Your Transaction history can be accessed by You by clicking My Account on the Website, or through our Customer Services (including by opting to receive a written statement).
    4. We reserve the right to refuse the whole or part of any Transaction requested by You at any time in our sole discretion, or where You have breached the Terms of Use. No Transaction is accepted by us until You have given the appropriate confirmation (or it has otherwise been accepted by us) in accordance with Clause 9.2. If You are in any doubt as to whether a Transaction has been accepted successfully, You should contact Customer Services.
    5. Once a Transaction has been accepted by us, You cannot cancel the transaction unless we agree otherwise.
    6. We may, at our discretion (and provided that neither You nor we gain any unfair advantage), elect to accept a bet notwithstanding that the relevant event has begun. In respect of gaming, the relevant Rules shall set out the point at which no further stakes will be accepted by us.
    7. We reserve the right to adjust the minimum/maximum bets, stakes or similar transaction that You place using the Services per timeframe or transaction on Your Account.
    8. We may cancel or amend a Transaction pursuant to the provisions of Paragraph 5 (Verification of Your Identity), Paragraph 12 (Collusion, Cheating, Fraud and Criminal Activity) or Paragraph 19 (Errors or Omissions).
    1. Where You are accessing the Services via an electronic form of communication You should be aware that:
      1. In relation to Your use of the Website for the placing of bets or playing of games:
        1. You may be using a connection or equipment which is slower than such equipment used by others and this may affect Your performance in time critical events offered via the Website;
        2. You may encounter system flaws, faults, errors or service interruption which will be dealt with in accordance with Paragraph 18 (IT Failure);
        3. the Game Rules for each event or game offered via the Website are available and should be considered by You prior to Your use of the Services offered via the Website; and in relation to Your use of the Services, if You are betting on an "in running" event, You may not at any relevant time be able to see or otherwise be provided with the most up-to-date information in relation to the relevant event. We shall not be liable to You in respect of any losses suffered or costs incurred by You as a result of any delay in the transmission of information relating to any "in running" event.
    In the event that a Player wins an amount equal to 3000 EUR or more, through the use of the Software or the Service, the Player agrees to give Winhalla the exclusive permanent and irrevocable right and authorization to use the Player’s name, photograph, and portrait in all media as part of Winhalla’s marketing and promotional needs, and for its Internet site(s), on a worldwide level, and to be fully cooperative with company representatives including support staff.

    1. Winhalla prohibits Player collusion and takes measures to prohibit use of devices, such as robots, that distort normal games play.
    2. The following practices (or any of them) in relation to the Services :
      1. abuse of bonuses or other promotions; and/or
      2. using unfair external factors or influences (commonly known as cheating); and/or
      3. taking unfair advantage (as defined in Clause 12.6);
      4. opening any Duplicate Accounts; and/or
      5. undertaking fraudulent practice or criminal activity (as defined in paragraph 12.6),
      6. constitute "Prohibited Practices" and are not permitted and will constitute a material breach of the Terms of Use. We will take all reasonable steps to prevent and detect such practices and to identify the relevant Players concerned if they do occur. Subject to the above, however, we will not be liable for any loss or damage which You may incur as a result of any Prohibited Practices, and any action we take in respect of the same will be at our sole discretion.
    3. If You suspect a person is engaged in any Prohibited Practice, You shall as soon as reasonably practicably report it to us by e-mailing us or telephoning Customer Services.
    4. You agree that You shall not participate in or be connected with any form of Prohibited Practice in connection with Your access to or use of the Services.
    5. If:
      1. we have reasonable grounds to believe that You have participated in or have been connected with any form of Prohibited Practice (and the basis of our belief shall include the use by us (and by our gaming partners and our other suppliers) of any fraud, cheating and collusion detection practices which are used in the gambling and gaming industry at the relevant time); or
      2. You have placed bets and/or played online games with any other online provider of gambling services and are suspected (as a result of such play) of any Prohibited Practice or otherwise improper activity; or
      3. we become aware that You have "charged back" or denied any of the purchases or deposits that You made to Your Account; or
      4. You become bankrupt or suffer analogous proceedings anywhere in the world, then, (including in connection with any suspension and/or termination of Your Account) we shall have the right, in respect of Your Account (and/or any other account held by You with a Winhalla company) to withhold the whole or part of the balance and/or recover from the account the amount of any deposits, pay-outs, bonuses or winnings which have been affected by or are in any way attributable to any of the event(s) contemplated in this paragraph 12.5. The rights set out in this Clause 12.5 are without prejudice to any other rights (including any common law rights) that we may have against You, whether under the Terms of Use or otherwise.
    6. For the purposes of this Paragraph 12:
      1. a "fraudulent practice" means any fraudulent activity engaged in by You or by any person acting on Your behalf or in collusion with You, and shall include, without limitation: (a) fraudulent charge-backs; (b) the use by You or any other person who was participating in the same game as You at any time, of a stolen, cloned or otherwise unauthorised credit or debit card, as a source of funds; (c) the collusion by You with others in order to gain an unfair advantage (including through bonus schemes or similar incentives offered by us); (d) any attempt to register false or misleading account information; (e) any actual or attempted act by You which is reasonably deemed by us to be illegal in any applicable jurisdiction, made in bad faith, or intended to defraud us and/or circumvent any contractual or legal restrictions, regardless of whether such act or attempted act actually causes us any damage or harm;
      2. a "criminal activity" shall include, without limitation, money laundering and any offence under of the Gambling Act; and
      3. an "unfair advantage" shall include, without limitation:
        1. the exploitation of a fault, loophole or error in our or any third party's software used by You in connection with the Services (including in respect of any game);
        2. the use of automated Players ('bots'), or other 3rd party software or analysis systems; or
        3. the exploitation by You, of an 'Error' as defined in Clause 18.1, in any case either to Your advantage and/or to the disadvantage of us or other.
      4. these practices all serve the result to distort the normal play of games.
    7. In exercising any of our rights under Clause 12.5 in relation to a Prohibited Practice, we shall use all reasonable endeavours to ensure that, while complying with our regulatory and other legal obligations, we exercise such rights in a manner which is fair to You and to our other customers.
    8. We reserve the right to inform relevant authorities, other online gaming or gambling operators, other online service providers and banks, credit card companies, electronic payment providers or other financial institutions of Your identity and of any suspected Prohibited Practice by You, and You shall cooperate fully with us to investigate any such activity.



    1. Provided that Your Account does not show that a balance is due to us, You are entitled to close Your Account and terminate the Terms of Use on not less than 24 hours' notice to us at any time, by contacting us through Customer Services, details of which can be found in the Help section of the Website:
      1. indicating Your wish to close Your Account; and
      2. stating the reasons why You wish to close Your Account, in particular if You are doing so because of concerns over the level of Your use of the same.
        We will respond to Your request, confirming closure of Your Account and the date on which such closure will be effective, within a reasonable time, provided that You continue to assume responsibility for all activity on Your Account until such closure has been carried out by us (at which point the Terms of Use shall terminate).
    2. When You request closure of Your Account under Clause 13.1, we will, subject to Clause 13.3, return any outstanding balance in Your Account to You.
    3. Upon any termination of Your Account under this Paragraph 13 we shall be entitled (without limiting our rights under Clause 13.6) to withhold, from the repayment of the outstanding balance on Your Account, any monies (a) pursuant to Paragraph 12 (Collusion, Cheating, Fraud and Criminal Activity), (b) pursuant to paragraph 21 (Breach of the Terms of Use), (c) as otherwise provided by the Terms of Use (including, as appropriate, Clause 5.4) or (d) as required by law or regulation.
    4. When repaying the outstanding balance on Your Account, we shall use the same method of payment which You provided upon registration of Your Account, or such other payment method as we may reasonably select.
    5. Where You have closed Your Account, we may in certain circumstances be able to re-open Your Account with the same Account details as before if You request us to do so, and in such case, we may request to perform Your verification checks as set out in Paragraph 5 above. In such circumstances, while Your Account will have the same Account details as before, it will be subject to the Terms of Use which are in force at the date of any such re-opening and any prior entitlements (including, but without limitation, to bonuses or contingent winnings) will no longer be valid.

    7. We are, at any time (and notwithstanding any other provisions contained in the Terms of Use), entitled to close Your Account and terminate the Terms of Use on written notice (or attempted notice) to You using Your Contact Details. In the event of any such termination by us we shall, subject to Clause 13.7, as soon as reasonably possible following a request by You, refund the balance of Your Account.
    8. Where we close Your Account and terminate the Terms of Use pursuant Paragraph 12 (Collusion, Cheating, Fraud and Criminal Activity) or Paragraph 21 (Breach of the Terms of Use), the balance of Your Account will be non-refundable and deemed to be forfeited by You to the extent of any claim that we may have against You as at the date of such closure (whether under Your Account, and Duplicate Account or otherwise). Closure of Your Account and Termination of the Terms of Use, other than pursuant to Paragraphs 12 or 21 of these General Terms, will not affect any outstanding bets, provided that such outstanding bets are valid, and You are not in breach of the Terms of Use in any way. For the avoidance of doubt, we will not credit any bonuses into Your Account, nor will You be entitled to any contingent winnings, at any time after the date on which it has been closed (whether by us pursuant to the Terms of Use, or in response to Your request).
    9. In the event of closure of Your Account because of gambling addiction (including but not limited to Paragraph 33) or if Your Account has been closed due to fraud (including but not limited to Paragraph 13) You acknowledge that You are prohibited from opening a new Account. We will not be liable if You manage to open a new Account, for such action nor for any direct or indirect consequential damages. We shall have the right to close, at any time, a new Account opened in breach of the requirement stated herein.
    10. The following Paragraphs shall survive any termination of the Terms of Use: 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 26, 27, 29, 30, 31, 32 and 35 and any other Paragraphs which are required for the purposes of interpretation; together with any relevant sections of the Rules, Bonus Terms, the Privacy Policy and the Additional Terms.

    12. We shall be entitled to suspend Your Account in the circumstances expressly set out in the Terms of Use. Upon the suspension of Your Account: (a) no activity shall be permitted (including deposits, withdrawals, betting or gaming) until the date upon which it is re-activated by us; (b) no bonuses or contingent winnings will be credited to the Account; and (c) we shall address the issue that has given rise to the Account suspension with a view to resolving it as soon as reasonably practicable so that the Account can, as appropriate, either be re-activated or closed.

    1. You are solely responsible for the supply and maintenance of all the computer (or other access device) equipment and telecommunications networks and internet access services that You need to use in order to access the Services. We will not be liable in any way whatsoever for any losses caused to You (whether resulting from loss of service, poor internet connectivity, insufficient bandwidth or otherwise) by the internet or any telecommunications service provider that You have engaged in order to access the Services. For the avoidance of doubt, Winhalla does not make any representation or give any warranty as to the compatibility of the Services with any particular 3rd party software or hardware, including (for the avoidance of doubt) 3rd party analysis or ‘Bot’ programmes which promise certain results from any of the Services.
    2. Under no circumstances should You use the Services for any purpose which is or is likely to be considered to be defamatory, abusive, obscene, unlawful, of a racist, sexist or other discriminatory nature, or which could cause offence. You must not use any abusive or aggressive language or images, swear, threaten, harass or abuse any other person, including other users, via the Website, or attempt to pass Yourself off as being any other person, or behave in such a manner towards any VIP Stakes staff used to provide the Services, Customer Services, or any helpdesk or support function which we make available to You.
    3. You shall use the Website for personal entertainment only and shall not be allowed to provide access or reproduce the Website or any part of it in any form whatsoever without our express consent, including creating links to it.
    4. You shall be solely liable in respect of any content uploaded by You onto the Website ("Uploaded Content") and, in uploading any such content You represent and warrant that;
      1. You have obtained all necessary approvals, consents, licences and permissions required in respect of the Uploaded Content and that the reproduction of the Uploaded Content on the Website will not infringe the copyright, trademark, confidential information or any other intellectual property rights whatsoever of any third party;
      2. the Uploaded Content will not contain any material in breach of Clause 14.2 or any code in breach of Clause 14.3;
      3. the Uploaded Content will comply with all laws and regulations (including, in particular, those relating to data protection and privacy); and
      4. Winhalla is entitled to use and sub-licence the use of the Uploaded Content at its sole discretion.
    5. Any material (other than Software under Paragraph 16) downloaded by You from the Website shall be downloaded entirely at your own risk and Winhalla shall not be liable in respect of any loss of data or other damage caused by any such download.
    6. Where we have reason to believe that Your use of the Services is in breach of Clauses 14.2, 14.3, 14.4 or 14.5 we shall, without prejudice to any of our other rights, be entitled forthwith to remove from the Website any offending content.

    1. Expressions used in the betting and gaming industry are numerous. Where appropriate, a glossary explaining the meaning of commonly-used betting and gaming expressions is available through the Help pages in the Website. Should You be in any doubt as to the meaning of any expression, You should:
      1. look up its meaning in the glossary in the relevant Help section relating to the event or game You are betting or gaming on;
      2. If You are still in any doubt, contact Customer Services for clarification; and
      3. not place any bet or game on any event until its meaning is understood to Your satisfaction, because we cannot accept any responsibility if You place a bet or game via the products offered via the Services in circumstances where You do not understand any of the terms involved in or relating to the bet or game.

    We may, in our absolute discretion, alter or amend any product or service (including any prices offered) available through the Website at any time for the purpose of ensuring the ongoing provision of the Website, but without prejudice to any games and/or bets already in progress at the time of such amendment. From time to time, we may restrict You from accessing some parts of the Website for the purpose of maintenance of the Website and/or alteration or amendment of any of the games and/or products available through the Website.

    1. It may be necessary to provide You with software ("Software") supplied by third parties to enable You to use the products offered through the Services, in particular our download Games products.
    2. In such circumstances, You may be required to enter into a separate agreement with the owner in respect of Your use of such Software ("Third-Party Software Agreement"). In case of any inconsistency between the Terms of Use and any Third-Party Software Agreement, the Terms of Use will prevail in so far as the inconsistency relates to the relationship between You and Winhalla.
    3. It is Your responsibility to ensure that any Software is downloaded onto Your computer (or other access device) in a manner compatible with Your own computer's (or other access device’s) specific set-up. For the avoidance of doubt, we shall not be liable to the extent that the incorrect downloading of any Software has an adverse effect on the operation of Your computer (or other access device).
    4. Notwithstanding that the Services provided via any mobile or tablet application shall be subject to the Terms of Use, the terms under which any application ("App") is downloaded or installed onto Your mobile device or tablet shall be governed by the agreement entered into between You and the supplier of the relevant App but, in case of any inconsistency between the Terms of Use and any such agreement, the Terms of Use will prevail in so far as the inconsistency relates to the relationship between You and Winhalla.

    1. Where problems occur in the software or hardware used by us to provide the Services, we will take all reasonable steps to remedy the problem as soon as practicable. Where such problems cause a game to be interrupted in circumstances where it cannot be restarted from exactly the same position without any detriment to You or other Players, we will take all reasonable steps to treat You in a fair manner (which may include reinstating the balance on Your Account to the position existing following completion of the last bet or game logged on Winhalla's server immediately prior to the occurrence of the problem).
    2. If a game is started but miscarries due to a failure of our computer operating system, and is unable to be resumed on the next login, we shall:
      1. refund the amount wagered in the game to the Player by crediting it to the Player’s account or, if the account no longer exists, by paying it to the Player in an approved manner; and
      2. if the Player has an accrued credit at the time the game miscarries, credit to the Player’s account the monetary value of the credit or, if the account no longer exists, pay it to the Player in an approved manner;
      3. inform immediately the Authority of the circumstances of the incident;
      4. refrain from conducting a further game if the game is likely to be affected by the same failure.
    3. Provided that the Authority may, by written notice to the licensee, give the licensee other directions which the Authority considers appropriate in the circumstances.
    4. We do not accept any liability whatsoever for problems caused by the equipment which You or other Players are using to access the Services, or faults relating to Your or their internet service provider.

    1. A number of circumstances may arise where a bet or wager is accepted, or a payment is made, by us in error. A non-exhaustive list of such circumstances is as follows:
      1. where we mis-state any odds or terms of a bet or gaming wager to You as a result of obvious error or omission in inputting the information or setting up a market, or as a result of a computer (or other access device) malfunction;
      2. where we have made a 'palpable error'. A palpable error occurs where:
        1. in relation to bets placed prior to an event taking place, the prices/terms offered are materially different from those available in the general market; or
        2. in relation to any event, the price/terms offered at the time the bet is placed are clearly incorrect given the probability of the event occurring;
      3. where we have continued to accept bets on a market which should have been suspended, including where the relevant event is in progress (except where 'in-running' bets are accepted) or had already finished (sometimes referred to as 'late bets');
      4. where an error has been made as a result of a Prohibited Practice under Clause 19.1;
      5. where we should not have accepted, or have the right to cancel or re-settle, a bet pursuant to the Betting Rules (for example due to 'Related Contingencies');
      6. where an error is made by us as to the amount of winnings/returns that are paid to You, including as a result of a manual or computer (or other access device) input error; or
      7. where an error has been made by us as to the amount of free bets and/or bonuses that are credited to Your Account, any such circumstances being referred to as an "Error".
    2. We reserve the right to:
      1. correct any Error made on a bet placed and re-settle the same at the correct price or terms which were available or should have been available through Winhalla (absent the publishing error) at the time that the bet was placed, and the bet will be deemed to have taken place on the terms which were usual for that bet; or
      2. where it is not reasonably practicable to correct and re-settle under Clause 19.2.1 above, to declare the bet void and return Your stake into Your Account; or
      3. in circumstances where the Error has resulted from a Prohibited Practice, to take the steps set out in Clause 12.5.
    3. Any monies which are credited to Your Account or paid to You as a result of an Error shall be deemed, pending resolution under Clause 19.2, to be held by You on trust for us and shall be immediately repaid to us when a demand for payment is made by us to You. Where such circumstances exist, if You have monies in Your Account, we may reclaim these monies from Your Account pursuant to Clause 7.4. We agree that we shall use all reasonable endeavours to detect any Errors and inform You of them as soon as reasonably practicable.
    4. Neither we (including our employees or agents) nor our partners or suppliers shall be liable for any loss, including loss of winnings, that results from any Error by us or an error by You.
    5. You shall inform us as soon as reasonably practicable should You become aware of any Error.
    6. Where You have used monies which have been credited to Your Account or awarded to You as a result of an Error to place subsequent bets or play games, we may cancel such bets and/or withhold any winnings which You may have won with such monies, and if we have paid out on any such bets or gaming activities, such amounts shall be deemed to be held by You on trust for us and You shall be immediately repaid to us when a demand for payment is made by us to You.

    1. Your access to and use of the Services is at Your sole option, discretion, and risk. We shall not be liable for any attempts by You to use the Services by methods, means or ways not intended by us.
    2. We will provide the Services with reasonable skill and care and substantially as described in the Terms of Use. We do not make any other promises or warranties regarding the Services, or any products or services forming a part of the Services, and hereby exclude (to the extent permitted by law) all implied warranties in respect of the same (including implied warranties as to satisfactory quality and/or fitness for Your purpose). In particular, we do not warrant that the Website will have uninterrupted availability or that it will be free of bugs, viruses or other errors.
    4. In the event that Winhalla is found liable in any way, by a court of law and/or a similar authority, with legal competence and/or jurisdiction over Winhalla, then Winhalla’s liability is limited to the amount of ten thousand euros whichever is the lesser. Alternatively, when relevant and applicable, the amount recorded in the Winhalla Account or the amount transferred into or out of the Winhalla Account, whichever is the lesser.
      1. LOSS OF DATA;
    6. Nothing in the Terms of Use will operate so as to exclude any liability which we may have in respect of:
      1. fraud (including fraudulent misrepresentation); or
      2. death or personal injury caused by our negligence.

    1. You will fully indemnify, defend, and hold us and our officers, directors, employees, agents, contractors, and suppliers harmless from and against any and all losses, costs, expenses, claims, demands, liabilities and damages (including legal fees), however caused, that may arise, whether or not reasonably foreseeable, as a result of or in connection with:
      1. the access to and use of the Services by You or by anyone else using Your username and password; and/or
      2. any breach by You of any of the terms and provisions of the Terms of Use.
    2. Where You are in breach of the Terms of Use, we may, prior to any suspension or termination of Your Account notify You (using Your Contact Details) that You are in breach, requiring You to stop the relevant act or failure to act, and/or requiring You to put right an act or fault on Your part; and warning You of our intended action if You do not do so, provided always that such notification shall not be a pre-condition to any suspension or termination of Your Account.
    3. We have the right to disable any user identification code or password, whether chosen by You or allocated by us, at any time, if in our reasonable opinion You have failed to comply with any of the provisions of the Terms of Use.
    4. In addition to any other remedy available, if You breach any of the Terms of Use, we shall be entitled to recover from Your Account any positive balance then existing to the extent of any amount reasonably claimed against You pursuant to Clause 21.1.

    1. All website design, text, graphics, music, sound, photographs, video, the selection and arrangement thereof, software compilations, underlying source code, software and all other material contained forming any part of the Services are subject to copyright and other proprietary rights which are either owned by us or used under licence from third party rights owners. To the extent that any material comprised within the Services may be downloaded or printed then such material may be downloaded to a single device only (and hard copy portions may be printed) solely for Your own personal and non-commercial use.
    2. Under no circumstances shall the use of the Services grant to You any interest in any intellectual property rights (for example copyright, know-how or trademarks) owned by us or by any third party whatsoever, other than a personal, non-exclusive, non-sub-licensable licence to use such intellectual property rights in connection with Your personal, non-commercial use of the Services pursuant to the Terms of Use.
    3. No rights whatsoever are granted to use or reproduce any trademarks or logos which appear on the Website except as specifically permitted in accordance with the Terms of Use.
    4. You must not, nor must You allow any other person to copy, store, publish, rent, licence, sell, distribute, alter, add to, delete, remove, or tamper with the Website or any part of it in any way or directly or indirectly disrupt or interfere (or attempt to disrupt or interfere) with or alter the Website, other than in the course of viewing or using the Website in accordance with the Terms of Use.
    5. All intellectual property rights in the name "Winhalla", the logos, designs, trademarks, and other distinctive brand features of Winhalla and any content provided by Winhalla or any third party for inclusion on the Website vest in Winhalla or the applicable third party. You agree not to display or use such logos, designs, trademarks, and other distinctive brand features in any manner without our prior written consent.

    1. You shall not:
      1. corrupt the Website;
      2. attempt to gain unauthorised access to the Website, the servers on which the Website is stored, or any server, computer or database connected to the Website;
      3. flood the Website with information, multiple submissions or "spam";
      4. knowingly or negligently use any features which may affect the function of the Website in any way for example (but not limited to) releasing or propagating viruses, worms, trojans, logic bombs or similar material that is malicious or harmful;
      5. interfere or tamper with, remove or otherwise alter in any way, any information in any form which is included on the Website;
      6. attack the Website via a denial-of-service attack or a distributed denial-of-service attack. We will report any suspected breach to the relevant law enforcement authorities, and we will co-operate with those authorities by disclosing Your identity to them. In the event of such a breach, Your right to use the Website will cease immediately.
    2. We will not be liable for any loss or damage caused by a distributed denial-of-service attack, viruses or other technologically harmful material that may infect Your computer (or other access device) equipment, computer (or other access device) programs, data or other proprietary material due to Your use of the Website or to Your downloading of any material posted on such Website, or on any website linked to the Website.

    1. All information on Your Account held by us is securely data warehoused and remains confidential except where otherwise stated in the Terms of Use (including, for the avoidance of doubt, the Privacy Policy).
    2. We are required by law to comply with data protection requirements in the way in which we use any personal information collected from You in Your use of the Services. We therefore take very seriously our obligations in relation to the way in which we use Your personal information.
    3. When You use the Services, it will be necessary for us to collect certain information about You, including Your name and date of birth, Your Contact Details, and may also include information about Your marketing preferences (all of which shall be known as "Your Personal Information").
    4. By providing us with Your Personal Information, You consent to our processing Your Personal Information, including any of the same which is particularly sensitive:
      1. for the purposes set out in the Terms of Use (including the Privacy Policy); and
      2. for other purposes where we need to process Your Personal Information for the purposes of operating the Services, including by sharing it with our service providers and agents for these purposes, for example to our providers of postal services, marketing services and customer services agents. We may also disclose Your Personal Information in order to comply with a legal or regulatory obligation.
    5. We will retain copies of any communications that You send to us (including copies of any emails) in order to maintain accurate records of the information that we have received from You.

    1. The Website uses 'cookies' to track Your use of the internet and to assist the functionality of the Website. A cookie is a small file of text which is downloaded onto Your computer (or other access device) when You access the Website, and it allows us to recognise when You come back to the Website. We use cookies for the operation of the Website, including (for example) to allow You to remain logged in as You browse between, and use Your Account to bet on or play games on, different parts of the Website. We also use cookies for our own analytical purposes so that we can identify where customers have encountered technical problems on the Website, and therefore help us improve our customers' experience.
    2. If You object to cookies or want to delete any cookies that are already stored on Your computer (or other access device), we recommend that You follow the instructions for deleting existing cookies and disabling future cookies on Your file management software. Further information on deleting or controlling cookies is available within our Privacy Policy or at www.aboutcookies.org. Please note that by deleting our cookies or disabling future cookies You may not be able to access certain areas or features of the Website.

    1. No claim or dispute with regard to:
      1. the acceptance or settlement of a bet which You have made using the Services will be considered more than seven (7) days after the date of the original transaction; and
      2. a game which You have played using the Services will be considered more than 12 (twelve) weeks after the date on which the relevant transaction or game play took place.
    2. Should You wish to make a complaint regarding the Services, as a first step You should as soon as reasonably practicably contact Customer Services about Your complaint, which will be escalated as necessary within our Customer Service team until resolution.
    3. If there is a dispute arising from the Terms of Use which cannot be resolved by Customer Services having been escalated in accordance with Clause 26.2 You can request that the matter be addressed by a manager or supervisor. We will endeavour to resolve the matter to your satisfaction either immediately or by contacting You subsequently.
    4. You acknowledge that our random number generator will determine the outcome of the games played through the Services and You accept the outcomes of all such games. You further agree that in the unlikely event of a disagreement between the result that appears on Your screen and the game server used by Winhalla, the result that appears on the game server will prevail, and You acknowledge and agree that our records will be the final authority in determining the terms and circumstances of Your participation in the relevant online gaming activity and the results of this participation.
    5. When we wish to contact You, we may do so using any of Your Contact Details. Notices will be deemed to have been properly served and received by You immediately after an email is sent or after we have communicated with You directly by telephone (including where we leave You a voicemail), or three (3) days after the date of posting of any letter. In proving the service of any notice, it will be sufficient to prove, in the case of a letter, that such letter was properly addressed, stamped, and placed in the post; and in the case of an email, that such email was sent to the specified email address (if any) in Your Contact Details at the time that any such email was sent.
    6. You may address Your complaints via email to Customer Services at the Website and/or via phone both published on the site’s section named "Contact Us" and/or via Live Chat. Winhalla shall use its best efforts to resolve the complaint reported as soon as possible, but no later than 10 calendar days from the receipt of the complaint. The company will attempt to resolve all complaints promptly. Where the nature of the complaint is such that more time is necessary to complete it, such period may be extended by a further 10 calendar days. Where such extension is necessary, You will be informed within the first 10 calendar days from the date of receipt of the complaint that Winhalla shall be making use of such extension, and the reason or reasons why such extension is warranted.
    7. Should You are not satisfied with the resolution of the complaint by us, a further complaint may be addressed to ProMediate. ProMediate is an independent dispute resolution center ("ADR entity") set up to mitigate disputes between customers and online gambling operators according to the MGA Alternative Dispute Resolution Directive. Please note that according to the Alternative Dispute Resolution Directive the conclusions of the ADR entity acting in arbitration/ adjudication capacity, shall be binding upon both to us and You. The procedure before the ADR entity does not restrict the Player’s right to bring proceedings against Winhalla in any court of competent jurisdiction.
    8. Should You have reason to believe that any aspect of the Services is unlawful, or conducted in a manner which is not safe, fair or transparent, You may contact the Player Support Unit of the Malta Gaming Authority (Malta Gaming Authority, Building SCM 02-03, Level 4, SmartCity Malta, Ricasoli SCM1001, Malta) or to lodge a complaint via online gaming support form https://www.mga.org.mt/support/online-gaming-support.
    9. Without prejudice to the above, You may use the Online Dispute Resolution platform (https://ec.europa.eu/consumers/odr) to resolve dispute.

    1. We reserve the right to transfer, assign, sublicense, or pledge the Terms of Use ("assignment"), in whole or in part, to any person without notice to You, provided that any such assignment will be on the same terms or terms that are no less advantageous to You.
    2. You may not assign, sublicense, or otherwise transfer in any manner whatsoever any of Your rights or obligations under the Terms of Use.

    1. We will not be liable or responsible for any failure to perform, or delay in performance of, any of our obligations under the Terms of Use that is caused by events outside our reasonable control, including (without limitation) any telecommunications network failures, power failures, failures in third party computer (or other) equipment, fire, lightning, explosion, flood, severe weather, industrial disputes or lock-outs, terrorist activity and acts of government or other competent authorities ("Force Majeure Event").
    2. Our performance is deemed to be suspended for the period that the Force Majeure Event continues, and we will have an extension of time for performance for the duration of that period. We will use our reasonable endeavours to bring the Force Majeure Event to a close or to find a solution by which our obligations may be performed despite the Force Majeure Event.

  29. WAIVER
    1. If we fail to insist upon strict performance of any of Your obligations or if we fail to exercise any of the rights or remedies to which we are entitled, this shall not constitute a waiver of such rights or remedies and shall not relieve You from compliance with such obligations.
    2. A waiver by us of any default shall not constitute a waiver of any subsequent default.
    3. No waiver by us of any of the provisions of the Terms of Use shall be effective unless it is expressly stated to be a waiver and is communicated to You in writing in accordance with Paragraph 26 (Complaints and Notices) above.

    1. If any of the Terms of Use are determined by any competent authority to be invalid, unlawful, or unenforceable to any extent, such term, condition, or provision will to that extent be severed from the remaining terms, conditions and provisions which will continue to be valid to the fullest extent permitted by law.
    2. In such cases, the part deemed invalid or unenforceable shall be amended in a manner consistent with the applicable law to reflect, as closely as possible, Winhalla's original intent.

    1. The Terms of Use and any document expressly referred to in them represent the entire agreement between You and us and supersede any prior agreement, understanding or arrangement between You and us, whether oral or in writing.
    2. We each acknowledge that neither of us has relied on any representation, undertaking or promise given by the other or implied from anything said or written in negotiations between us except as expressly stated in the Terms of Use.
    3. Neither party shall have any remedy in respect of any untrue statement made by the other, whether orally or in writing, prior to the date of the contract (unless such untrue statement was made fraudulently) and the other party's only remedy shall be for breach of contract as provided in the Terms of Use.

    1. Any dispute or difference arising out of or in connection with the Terms of Use shall be determined in Malta in accordance with the laws of Malta by the appointment of a single arbitrator to be agreed between the parties, or failing agreement within 14 days, after either party has given to the other a written request to concur in the appointment of an arbitrator, by an arbitrator to be appointed by the Chairman or Deputy Chairman of the Malta Arbitration Centre.

    1. Financial limits – a Player may set financial limits mainly related to deposits, wagers and/or losses by contacting our Customer Services or by visiting My Account section. Once these limits are set the Player will not be able to exceed these limits.
      Limits can be amended at any time. Any limit implemented in terms of this Clause shall only be removed upon request of the relevant Player or upon expiry of the set duration and shall only be made less stringent upon request of the relevant Player.
      A notice by the Player making more stringent a limit applicable to such Player or increasing the duration thereof shall be effective immediately upon its receipt by us. A notice by the Player making less stringent or removing any limit implemented in terms of this Clause shall be effective only after the lapse of 24 hours from the day on which we receive the notice.
    2. Underage Gambling – it is illegal for anyone under the Relevant Age to open an Account or to gamble on our Website. We carry out age verification checks on all Players who use payment mechanisms which may be available to under the Relevant Age and additionally perform random age verification checks on Players using other forms of funding mechanisms. Please note that anyone under the Relevant Age found to be using the Website will have any winnings forfeited and may also be reported to the authorities.
    3. Filtering Systems – filtering solutions allow parents to regulate access to the internet, based on chosen criteria. Parents can use filters to prevent their children from accessing, amongst other things, gambling websites. If You share Your computer with friends or family who are under the Relevant Age to register or bet on our Website, or have requested self-exclusion from gambling sites, please consider parental filtering solutions.
    4. Setting of Session Time Limits – a Player may set maximum session time limits by contacting our Customer Services or by visiting My Account section. Once these limits are set the Player will not be allowed to continue playing above the pre-set time limit in any one session.
    5. Self-exclusion - for those Players, who wish to restrict their gambling, we provide a voluntary self-exclusion policy, whereby a Player may exclude himself from playing for a definite or indefinite period of time (“self-exclusion”) or close the Account.
    6. Any self-exclusion implemented in terms of Clause 33.1 above are offered:
      (a) For all the games offered by us; and
      (b) Across all the means by which we provide the Services.
      Since Winhalla requires separate Player registration, where we operate multiple brands, we will ensure self-exclusion to be implemented to Your activity on the brand on which You have requested self-exclusion, and Your requested self-exclusion shall be applicable to that individual brand.
      In the event that a Player has been excluded by us in light of sufficient reasons, which indicate that the Player may have problem gambling issues, that Player shall be excluded across all brands operated by us.
      You are not entitled to open a new Account if You have had already an Account closed by Us at any of the websites operated by us and/or our Group or at Your request under Paragraph 33 (Responsible Gaming/Gambling), though We do not take responsibility if You have attempted and succeeded to open a new Account due to circumstances mentioned in Clause 33.11.
    7. Any exclusion implemented in terms of this Paragraph shall only be removed:
      (a) Upon request of the relevant Player, or
      (b) Upon expiry of the set duration.
    8. We will increase a definite period of self-exclusion upon receiving a request of the relevant Player. A notice by the Player increasing the period of self-exclusion shall be effective immediately upon its receipt by us.
    9. The duration of an exclusion implemented in terms of this Paragraph shall only be decreased upon request of the relevant Player. A notice by the Player decreasing a definite period of self-exclusion shall be effective only after the lapse of not less than 24 hours from the day on which we receive the notice, and a notice by the Player revoking an indefinite period of self-exclusion shall be effective only after the lapse of not less than 7 days from the day on which we receive the notice.
    10. If You require any information relating to the facility of self-exclusion, please speak to Customer Services through the Help tab or view our Responsible Gaming section.
    11. We will use our reasonable endeavours to ensure compliance with self-exclusion. However, self-exclusion requires the joint commitment of both You and Winhalla. During the self-exclusion period You must not attempt to try to open new accounts and You accept that we have no responsibility or liability whatsoever if You continue gambling and/or seek to use the Website and/or any of the websites operated by us and/or our Group, and we fail to recognise or determine that You have requested self-exclusion in circumstances which are beyond our reasonable control including, but not limited to, You opening a new account, gambling in an Land based Betting Office (LBO) or over the telephone rather than over the internet or using a different name or address.
    12. Winhalla is committed to supporting Responsible Gambling initiatives. You may find more information on organisations which aid persons who have problem gambling issues by visiting our Responsible Gaming page/tab on the Website.

  34. LINKS
      Where we provide hyperlinks to other websites, we do so for information purposes only. You use any such links at your own risk, and we accept no responsibility for the content or use of such websites, or for the information contained on them. You may not link to this site, nor frame it without our express permission.

      Winhalla can be contacted at the addresses given in Clause 2.1 above, by e-mail at the address on the "Contact Us" page, by using Live Chat or by telephone provided on the "Contact Us" page.
    1. Winhalla offers the User the possibility to chat in virtual chat rooms. The purpose of the chat rooms is to provide entertainment and communication among the user of the Games. All chat must be in English or the language specific for specially designed language tables. The User may only chat in a way that would be appropriate in a face-to-face meeting.
    2. We will not tolerate any derogatory, abusive or violent behaviour by you to any of our employees. Should You behave in any such manner (to be determined solely by us), we reserve the right to suspend and/or close Your Account, and/or take any other measures as deemed appropriate. You are not entitled to make untrue and/or malicious and/or damaging comments with regard to the Group's operation in any media or forum.
    3. All the conversations using the chat feature are recorded and stored.
    4. Any malicious chat will be reported to the relevant Authority.
    5. Winhalla reserves the right to remove chat rooms.
    6. Any games, where a chat feature is provided, it is done so in order to let Players interact on the games with other Players in collective conversations. Rules are applied to ensure that a pleasant atmosphere is maintained on the network, that no fraudulent activity is facilitated and that Players feel part of the community.
    7. Winhalla shall not be liable towards any Player using the chat functionality for any damage arising from other Players conduct. The Player shall release from liability and hold Winhalla harmless against any damage due to the Player’s illegal, unlawful or inappropriate conduct or arising out of the violation by the Player of the Chat Rules.
    8. All chat must be in English (except where intentionally allowed in a specified language). Chat must not contain disrespectful comments about other Players or any comments or expressions that may offend other Players. It is not allowed to violate the privacy or other rights of the fellow Players. Giving and asking of personal details in chat is prohibited. It is not allowed to use the chat feature to advertise or promote any product, service or offer.
    9. To report abusive chat please contact Winhalla support service.
    10. The chat feature is moderated or monitored by Winhalla, either automatically, or by human means.
    11. Collusion through the use of the chat feature or separate chat is prohibited.
    12. In case of breach of the Chat Rules, Winhalla will warn the Player. If the Player does not comply, then such Player may be excluded from the chat room. Player may also be excluded with immediate effect and without prior warning for unlimited time in sole decision of Winhalla.

    1. If You are a German citizen or reside in Germany, You further agree to comply with the terms of this Paragraph. Terms listed in this Paragraph are targeting German citizens or Players who reside in Germany to meet the Transition gaming law.
    2. You take full responsibility if breaching any German laws or terms listed on this page and cannot hold the us liable.
    3. You are obligated to inform correct details of first name, surname, maiden name, date of birth, place of birth, and place of residence in the registration flow or process of Checks at the latest.
    4. You agree to not exceed the monthly deposit limit to 1000 EUR. If the deposit limit is exhausted, no further deposit may be made. You agree that if You deposit more than 1000 EUR You are violating the German gaming law.
    5. You must set a daily, weekly, or monthly stake, deposit, and loss limits by contacting our Customer Services or by visiting My Account section. If a stake or loss limit has been exhausted, further participation in the game may not be possible.
    6. You will be allowed to switch to different gambling form games only after 1 minute has passed after You have finished gaming in another gambling form.
    7. You are not allowed to use any auto play feature, even if they are not disabled in Germany. You have to start every single play manually.
    8. You must set up a "Reality check" of at least 1 hour of gaming. Further participation in the gaming is only permitted 5 minutes after confirmation of the "Reality check".
    9. The simultaneous playing of several virtual slot machine games on one Website is prohibited. Players are allowed only view one game at a time. This also applies to playing the same game.
    10. A stake may not exceed 1 EUR per game.
    11. In the event of any inconsistency between the terms of the Terms of Use and this Paragraph, the terms of this Paragraph shall prevail (subject to Clause 37.1).


    1. These Bonus Terms apply to all Website promotions and competitions (“Promotions”) offered by us to You from time to time and form part of the Terms of Use between You and us.
    2. Promotions will also have specific terms applicable to them (“Key Terms & Conditions”), and we will make those clear to You prior to participating in that promotion. Any promotion-specific terms shall form part of these Bonus Terms.
    3. Except as expressly provided, in the event of any discrepancy or conflict between these Bonus Terms and any specific promotional terms, then the specific promotional terms shall prevail. By participating in any promotion, You agree to be bound by these Bonus Terms.

    1. Only Players who previously deposited are eligible to participate in the tournaments.
    2. Tournament prizes are paid in EUR and in real money with no wagering requirements attached. For players that hold accounts in a different currency, conversion rates of the European Central Bank will be applied.
    3. Tournament prizes are paid within 24 hours after the end of the tournament. If the prize is not credited automatically, please contact Customer Services. We will credit Your prize manually.
    4. Accounts that are closed, blocked or self-excluded at the time when the tournament ends will not be paid.
    5. Tournament leader boards and prize pools can be shared across websites/ brands operated by Winzon Group LTD. Please refer to the Key Terms & Conditions to find out if that is the case.
    6. Tournament leader board points are equal to the total real money staked amount in EUR since the tournament started. Bonus money wagers do not count.
    7. When the tournament concludes, or restarts, results of a concluded tournament will be available on the page of the leader board for at least 24 hours, but no longer than until another tournament restart occurs.
    8. We reserve the right to review transactions and logs to investigate if the participation of a specific player is fair. Players who exploit this promotion in a way that we might deem abusive will be removed from the promotion with possible confiscation of winnings.
    9. Availability days/dates may apply. Game, country, loyalty level, and other restrictions may apply. Please refer to the Key Terms & Conditions of the tournament promotion.

    1. Only Players who have previously deposited are eligible for the cashback offers.
    2. Cashback is paid only from losses of deposited funds. Loss of bonus money and cashback payments do not count towards the calculation.
    3. Cashback is calculated from total real money losses made every day (00:01-23:59 UTC).
    4. Cashback is paid before 6:00 UTC daily for the losses generated on the previous day. If the cashback is not credited automatically, please contact Customer Services. We will credit Your cashback manually.
    5. Cashback is paid in real money with no wagering requirements attached.
    6. Minimal loss requirements, availability days/dates, and game restrictions may apply. Please refer to Key Terms & Conditions of the cashback promotion.

    1. You earn loyalty coins for all real money play.
    2. Loyalty coins determine Your loyalty level:
      - New level (less than 1 coin),
      - Bronze level (1-500 coin),
      - Silver level (500-3000 coin),
      - Gold level (3000-20 000 coin),
      - Diamond level (20 000 and more coins).
    3. Loyalty coins can be exchanged for cash rewards. In order to exchange loyalty coins for cash, You have to use the Lucky Pot clicker game.
    4. The minimum amount of loyalty coins that can be converted into cash is 50 (fifty).
    5. Spending loyalty coins will not affect Your loyalty level.
    6. Loyalty coins are credited at the rate of 1 (one) coin for every:
      - 20 EUR in stakes in Slots & Arcade Games,
      - 30 EUR in Jackpot Games,
      - 50 EUR in Table Games,
      - 60 EUR in Card Games & Live Casino,
      - 150 EUR in Video Poker.
    7. No loyalty coins will be awarded if You play with an active bonus on Your Account.
    8. Loyalty coins can also be added for making a deposit of particular amount (will be shown on Deposit page, if applicable).
    9. Players, who have never deposited, are blocked from generating any loyalty coins.
    10. Maximum loyalty coins that can be made during one day - 1000 (one thousand).
    11. Price that will be paid per every loyalty coin at every loyalty level is:
      - 0.02 EUR on the Bronze level (1 EUR for 50 coins),
      - 0.03 EUR on the Silver level (1.5 EUR for 50 coins),
      - 0.04 EUR on the Gold level (2 EUR for 50 coins),
      - 0.06 EUR on the Diamond level (3 EUR for 50 coins).
    12. Loyalty coins expire in 30 (thirty) days after earning them if not used.
    13. We withhold the right, at our discretion, to exclude any individual or individuals from participation in the loyalty program.
    14. Loyalty program is not available to and can't be benefited by players from Germany and Sweden.

    1. By joining the Refer a Friend program, the Player agrees to the applicable terms and conditions.
    2. The Player becomes referred by You only when an account with the Website is registered through the link received from You. The link to invite other Players can be found on the dashboard of the Refer a Friend program (authorization required). Each Player has their own unique link.
    3. Referring yourself, or creating multiple accounts, or exploiting this Promotion in any other abusive way is strictly prohibited and will result in a permanent block with confiscation of all fraudulently acquired funds.
    4. The Refer a Friend program pays 1% (one percent) commission from real money stakes made by referred Players.
    5. Commission is paid only for gameplay with deposited funds when there is no active bonus on the Account.
    6. No commission will be paid for stakes made with free bonus winnings.
    7. Players can track their referred signups, depositors, as well as accumulated commission on the dashboard of the Refer a Friend campaign.
    8. Players can start using or withdraw their accumulated commission only when they have referred at least 3 (three) depositors (3 (three) unique referred Players who have made at least 1 (one) deposit each).
    9. Only players who have previously deposited can withdraw their commission. Payment method restrictions may apply. Please refer to the Banking page.
    10. Winhalla withholds the right, at its discretion, to exclude any individual or individuals from participation in Refer a Friend program.
    11. Refer a Friend program is not available to and can't be benefited by players from Germany and Sweden.

    1. To claim the deposit welcome bonus or any deposit bonus, the Player must make a minimum deposit of 20 EUR/USD/AUD/CAD/NZD, unless otherwise specified.
    2. Players must opt-in for the offer on the Deposit page before processing the deposit in order to be eligible for the chosen reward.
    3. Only 1 (one) bonus can be held at a time. If You opt in to a new promotion at a time when you already have an existing bonus, the bonus funds related to the existing bonus will be forfeited.
    4. Every deposit bonus has a required deposit amount or range of deposit amount that will trigger the bonus. If You deposit less or more than required, the bonus might not be added to your account.
    5. All Welcome bonuses are restricted to the specific deposits to the Website only. Please refer to Key Terms & Conditions of the Promotion to find out which deposit it is.
    6. Country restrictions may apply to some bonus offers. Please refer to Key Terms & Conditions.
    7. In the rare event that the deposit bonus is not automatically granted after making a qualifying deposit, please contact our Customer Services before any bets are made, and we will manually grant You the bonus. Please note that our systems will not allow us to grant You the bonus if You place bets with Your qualifying deposit before the bonus is manually granted.
    8. Please note that if You have funds on both the real money balance and the bonus balance, the real money will get exhausted first.
    9. Any bonus can be removed prior to any wagering conditions being met. However, the bonus amount and winnings will be forfeited as a result. Please contact Customer Services to learn more or use the CANCEL BONUS button (X) inside the bonus balance window.
    10. We reserve the right to stop offering bonuses to Players who we deem have received an unproportionate level of bonuses based on their bonus release to deposit ratio and decline such player participation in any of our current/future promotional campaigns.
    11. All deposit bonuses (unless otherwise specified) as well as deposits that triggered them need to be wagered 30 (thirty) times before the funds can be withdrawn, except for bonuses paid from free spins, which need to be wagered 50 times the amount of bonus paid.
    12. All no deposit bonuses (unless otherwise specified) need to be wagered 60 (sixty) times before the funds can be withdrawn.
    13. Only fully settled bets (i.e., bets that result in a win or loss) will be counted towards wagering.
    14. Until the play-through requirements of the bonus funds have been met, funds can only be used on slot games that are marked with the BONUS tag (unless otherwise specified). Games shown without the BONUS tag are excluded from bonus play and may block Your attempt to make a bet in them, although we do not guarantee that such block is enforced, i.e., it is Your responsibility to ensure that You comply with the rule of this Clause.
    15. When accepting a deposit bonus, kindly remember that Your deposit is locked with the accepted bonus. This means that You have 2 (two) options, either to complete the wagering requirement of the bonus or cancel the bonus. If You choose to cancel the bonus, the bonus and all winnings attributed to the bonus will be lost. Wagering with both the bonus money and Your deposited cash will count towards the wagering requirement.
    16. Unless otherwise specified, all bonuses are valid for 30 (thirty) days from the moment they are issued.
    17. Bonus funds and winnings will be forfeited upon the expiry of the bonus.
    18. When betting, placed bets are deducted from the Player’s deposited funds. However, if no deposited funds are available the bet placed in a bonus game will be deducted from the Player’s bonus balance.
    19. Until the play-through requirements of the bonus funds have been met, the maximum bet that can be placed is 5 EUR/USD/CAD/AUD/NZD (unless otherwise specified), except for players from Germany whose maximum bet is limited at 1 EUR/USD/CAD/AUD/NZD. This includes double-up wagers after the game round has been completed, for example, wagering winnings from X game round on red/black, and also in-game bonus features that can be purchased. Games may block Your attempt to make a higher bet in them.
    20. Pay-out resulting from completing requirements of a bonus or free spins (or a combination of bonus and free spins) for the deposit will be limited to the maximum value of 10 (ten) times the amount of deposit. For example, if You claim a particular bonus offer by depositing 50 EUR, Your maximum pay-out from that particular bonus offer will be limited to 500 EUR. Any winnings exceeding the limit will be forfeited. For the Players' convenience, the adjustment of the balance to these limits, if necessary, will be done automatically by the system when the pay-out is made.
    21. Pay-out resulting from completing requirements of a bonus or free spins without deposit will be limited to the maximum value of 50 EUR/USD/CAD/AUD/NZD (unless otherwise specified). Any winnings exceeding this amount will be forfeited. For the Players' convenience, the adjustment of the balance to these limits, if required, will be done automatically by the system when the pay-out is made.
    22. Any "free spin" or "bonus" winnings resulting from bonus funds after the bonus has been wagered, lost, or forfeited shall be removed.
    23. If we have reasonable grounds to suspect that a bonus is being claimed by or for the benefit of the same person more than once or by a group of people acting in concert, then it may withdraw the availability of any bonus or all bonuses to that customer or group of customers and/or void any wager funded by the bonus and remove any winnings from such wager.
    24. Kindly note that it's not allowed to use bonus funds purely to progress through the bonus stages and then final stages completed with cash bets when bonus funds have been released or forfeited. If such a tactic is adopted, we reserve the right to confiscate the winnings.
    25. The adaptation of "Bonus Hunting" by reaching a bonus feature, exiting the game to later go back and play the feature is not permitted. Doing this will result in confiscation of winnings related to this.
    26. If You use a promo code for a promotion You are not eligible for, You will not receive the bonus.

    1. All offers to the Players are limited to 1 (one) per person, family, household address, email address, telephone number, same payment account number (e.g., debit or credit card, Neteller, etc.), IP, and shared computer, e.g., public library or workplace.
    2. Multiple accounts are not permitted. Creating more than 1 (one) account with us in order to claim any bonuses is deemed as Promotional Abuse and may result in confiscated funds.
    3. Regarding the bonuses and promotions, all times and dates are stated in UTC.
    4. If, while playing via our Website provided games, You win a sum regarded by us as worthy of publicity, You agree to make yourself available for any event of such nature arranged by us. While we protect all personal data entrusted to us, we reserve the right to use first names and the first initial of the last name in any of our announcement about promotion results or on the Website.
    5. All withdrawals will be subject to an internal audit before being processed. We reserve all rights to void bonuses or any winnings for failed audits. Player hereby consents in advance to same.
    6. If upon such a review, it appears that a Player(s) is (are) participating in strategies, taking advantage of any software or system bug or failure, or participating in any form of activity that we, in our sole and complete discretion, deems to be abusive (“Promotion Abuse”), we reserve the right to revoke the entitlement of such a Player to receive or benefit from the promotion (and/or withhold the pay-out of the proceeds of such abuse to the Player(s) in question).
    7. Other cases of not permitted Promotion Abuse include but are not limited to:
      - Using a proxy or a VPN or masking Your IP address;
      - Playing more than 1 (one) game at a time;
      - The wagering of bonus money on excluded or non-eligible games (games that are not marked by 'bonus' badge).
    8. If it's discovered that group Players are using the same betting patterns and are connected via (but not limited to) location, banking pattern or IP, device ID, we will at our own discretion have the mandate to confiscate bonus winnings and/or deposit.
    9. We reserve the right to stop providing any Promotion at any time, for example, for technical or regulatory reasons or for the reasonable prevention of fraud or to withdraw a particular Promotion at any time.